The Detroit Lion Jerseys

Honolulu Blue and silver are the officially the color scheme of the Detroit Lions jersey. They simply describe the hardworking city and the demarcation of the region. This are not just colors they are the pride of the Detroit Lion people.

Detroit lions were original the Portsmouth Spartans from Portsmouth, Ohio and when G.A. Richards bought the team he didn’t want to buy their purple uniform he was looking at blue. Actually, blue was the color of his eyes and when designers finally came up with a light shade of blue it was called the Honolulu blue because it was a constant reminder of the ocean and the beaches of Honolulu.

The team in their early years, was one of the best NFL teams. they won their championship during their third year in Detroit. In the late 1940's actually in 1948 The lions new coach arrived from Indiana university and brought the color red with him. How did the fans react to it? Not well at all. by the 1949 season they were only wearing the red uniforms on the road and they went back to their traditional silver and blue at home.

The Honolulu blue and silver was certainly a simple and a bold design. The silver helmet looked different than what the other teams where sporting. In the 1950's the Detroit lions ruled the NFL jungle winning three league championship. It was really a magical combination the lions had that day. They had come up with lethal strategy.

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Over the years the lion fans have remained passionate over their blue and silver. The team is really and clearly stuck with this two primary colors. The people in Detroit are proud and they don't want change for change sake and I think they are really proud of the blue and silver and they couldn’t want it to change. with the emergent hyping of the NFL uniforms. The Detroit lions updated their jerseys and logo by adding a black trim. The Jersey had a black shadow around the numbers matching black strips on jersey sleeves. A black trim was also introduced on the new lion too. They also issued a black alternate jersey for home games.

The Honolulu Blue, Silver, White, Black are the Detroit lion’s colors and they are just not colors. They are pride.

The Detroit Lions have retired the following jerseys: #7 Dutch Clark, #22 Bobby Layne, #37 Doak Walker, #56 Joe Schmidt, and #85 Chuck Hughes.

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